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I could fill this page with boundless enthusiasm telling you all about me and my nearly twenty years of marketing and communications experience working in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds, my awesome husband, my adorable two cats, and my new found love for relocating to Las Vegas...but what fun would that be for you?


So here's what you DO need to know.


I'm a passionate, fiercely creative, soulful spirit who has an absolute love for supporting small business owners in creating the story of their business through digital and social media strategies and content creation. The things that you may find overwhelming when it comes to creating or updating your business's brand, are the exact things that put joy in my day and the spark in the eye.


I'm willing to tackle the smallest jobs and largest, the simple and the complex, because my experience has been so vast. I can craft stand out articles, structure bad-ass corporate video scripts & handbooks, take traditional print materials to an art form and build a unique brand language that is as raw, real and truthful as the business behind it.


And once we've identified the language of your brand, we'll identify the digital avenues that will bring your brand into the light and in front of the people that need you most.


This is what I was born to do. And I love every amazing minute of it.


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